So you've written up your goal nice and clear and you've identified the reasons why you want it. BUT you're still feeling unmotivated to get going.  There could be two reasons this is happening. One might be because your reasons for wanting to achieve your goal aren't solid enough or two, your goal might not be right for you.

So here's a few tips to hone your "why"

  • Think bigger than yourself.  What will happen to your family and friends if you don't achieve your goal? What would happen if you DID achieve your goal?
  • Make it specific.  For example "because I want to lose weight to inspire my family"  change it to "because I want to lose weight to show my family that it is both possible and super important to live a healthy lifestyle se we can all live longer and happier lives"
  • Make it simple. I know this just seems like I'm contradicting myself from the last point.  But perhaps you are finding it so overwhelming - there is too much at stake, that you can't even think of starting because you will fail (which you will do, if you don't start :) but that's for another blog post).  So simplify it to two or three key points.

If you have done the above and you still are un-motivated perhaps the goal you are going for isn't right for you? 

A few questions to ask if your goal is worthy

  • Would achieving this goal greatly please me?
  • Does this goal inspire me?
  • Will achieving this goal benefit me in the future and how?
  • Is this goal something that I deeply desire for myself?
  • Would achieving this goal benefit others?
  • Is it realistic?  Can I actually achieve it in the time I want to achieve it?

Ideally you would have answered yes to all those questions.  Some of you may have done that, but are still not able to get moving. The four letter word starting with "F" (fear) might be stalling you - I'll definitely write a blog up about how to overcome this soon! If you didn't answer "yes", perhaps your goal isn't worth pursuing or you're just not ready yet. 

Remember, goals are meant to empower you and motivate you, so don't set yourself up to fail or waste your energy on goals that aren't ideally yours.

Check out this awesome website about how to set goals SMARTly and with action plans - it's super detailed and has life categories to contemplate. I'm pumped about setting these goals for myself with more clarity.

Now go forth and conquer!



What are your goals and why? Share them to inspire! I'd love to know what you're up to!

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