"Smooth sailing does not make for skilled sailors"


When we start living an inspired life, we are bound to hit the rough seas now and again. Perhaps you've felt like you've had enough of the ride and you're ready for a more chilled existence. Perhaps you've decided that whatever you're trying to achieve is just too hard, it's not worth all the stress. Now I'm assuming that you are here because you want to live a life that is fulfilling on your own terms, You want to live your dream, achieve your goals and make your life, truly yours. So here's the buzz kill: 

If you want that dream life - it's going to get rough!

Life chucks us curveballs as they say, but none more so than when you are on the road to freedom. Freedom may exist in the body, mind, spirit or other physical reality for you (or perhaps all of the above - you go-getter!).  But wherever or in whatever form it takes, you need to grow to get it. And that means getting un-comfortable.

Take the example of exercise. We've all experienced the feeling of "the burn", running short of breath, or "getting tired". As I always said to clients "this is where you start to change"... one more set, one more lap. Physiologically and ridiculously simplified, muscle growth looks something like this: work out, feel exertion, muscle breaks down and THEN regenerates and regrows with more quantity and width. So what can we take from this?

We can't change without feeling some sort of stress. We can't change without some sort of challenge. We can't grow without without getting roughed up!

So what if you've reached the lofty heights of your dreams? Where else is there to go? May as well sit back and get comfortable!  Not so fast! Imagine a pool of stagnant water...that is waht you will become if you don't continue to move! If you want to remain thriving, clear headed, ahead of the game, be the flowing water, the rushing river - keep moving, keep getting UNCOMFORTABLE!

Now we all know this to some degree. But how do I continue to push myself out of my comfort?  This is when it is so important to go back and see WHY you're doing this (see my blogpost here about this very subject). This period of hardship is a challenge to see if you REALLY want it. And I know you do! If you didn't, you wouldn't have chosen this path to start with, would you?

If I've somehow managed to get a bee in your bonnet, or just the thought of this gives you butterflies in your stomach - good! I'm glad you're learning! Treat each stress, each uncomfortable situation as an opportunity for you to grow. Learn to get comfortable with discomfort. Learn to love the unknown. And continue to set goals that challenge you to propel forward. 

Discomfort is the only route to growth.

Good luck!

Now go forth and conquer!


Nik x

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