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  • Itchen Street
  • Oamaru, Otago, 9400
  • New Zealand

Empower your Inner Strength, connect with YOU and build your knowledge to nourish that connection and passion, and watch it GROW!

An amazing collaborated day with Bliss Yoga Studio & Moa Bakery, Cakery, hosted by Jae Omnet and guest teacher Nicola Chung from Aroha Lifestyle to bring together our knowledge & passion to offer a whole day of Healthy Happiness for YOU ♥ 

8.30-10.30am Chakra Balance Yoga practice & Oils Exploration Bliss Yoga Studio

10.30am Nourishing Morning Tea provided by Jae

11am-1pm Raw Food Workshop followed by Lunch at Moa Bakery, Cakery

2 – 4pm Empowering Inner Strength and Connection with Self
Nia Workshop with Nik Chung from Aroha Lifestyle**

4.30pm-5.30pm Yin Yoga Bliss Yoga Studio Deep Mindful Release for both body & mind to soak up with day & cleanse any unwanted residue!

5.30pm Yoga Nidra Meditation Bliss Yoga Studio Guided meditation journey to seal in all the goodness from our day together! 

More about Nik's Nia Workshop:
**Nia is a dance-based movement class that cultivates self-expression, self-empowerment and inner learning. Nia has 52 simple moves that are strung together to form a class that is fun and engaging for your body, mind, spirit and emotions. The Body’s Way enables you to move at your own pace and dance in your own way – meaning that a Nia class is suitable for all fitness levels and for both newbies or more experienced dancers.
The Joy of Dance, the Strength of Martial Arts and the Mindfulness of Healing Arts, combined with inspirational and engaging music, makes Nia a powerful way of moving your body!

In this workshop, Nik will lead you through a Nia class to ramp up your personal power through connection to a strong, beautiful and unique YOU! After class, Nik will guide you through your own self-reflection process, so that you can take your experience of a more powerful you, beyond the classroom and into your life.
We can’t wait to see you there!



Total cost for the full day ReTreat is $150, your space must be paid for to secure your spot. We have limited spaces for the full day attendance.

To book & reserve your spot make payment to Bliss Yoga 06-0665-0123443-00 ***please put your full name & 'reTREAT' in reference!!

You are able to attend Nik's Nia Workshop separately as well. $35 for early bird (1 week before), $40 up to the day, and $45 on the door.  Please make advanced payments to Aroha Lifestyle 12-3629-0071459-00 ***please put 'reTREAT' in reference!