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I'm pleased to be hosting beautifully talented and gifted healer, Elizabeth Stein here in Raglan.  She has one day to share her transformative Arvigo Maya Therapy. Spaces are limited to Monday 29 May from 9:00am - 6:00pm. So if this speaks to you, please message me urgently.


Nik Chung x

Elizabeth has been a practitioner and body healer since 2005. She has a wide range of experience and trainings including energy medicine, massage therapy (base course was 545 hours long!), pregnancy massage, holistic pelvic floor care- the Tami Lynn Kent method, is an EmbodyBirth® teacher, an Arvigo® Level 1 teacher, and an Arvigo® practitioner. 

Elizabeth's favorite work is the Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Therapy which is based on ancient Maya belly healing massage (all external and done over the belly and back). The Arvigo® Maya belly therapy is good for correcting the position of the uterus (including a retroverted uterus!) and moving stagnation and adhesions out of the belly and hips~all important for reproductive health (doesn't matter if fertility is your aim). 

Arvigo® Therapy helps with most menstrual and pelvic disorders and digestive health and wellbeing. It's also wonderful for low back pain and tail bone pain or just as a part of general well being. It's appropriate for any age, especially young children that have had a lot of falls and accidents up to he elderly.

2-Hour Initial Arvigo Therapy:
Cost: $200 / 2 hours. 


Session includes:
*In-depth health history
*Arvigo Treatment, 
*Coaching of self care massage for personal use only
*Teaching of additional supportive modalities such as vaginal/pelvic steams, faja, or castor packs. 
*Also included is a summary of findings and suggestions for improving health or staying healthy. 

Therapeutic Remedial Massage, Holistic Pelvic Care (for women with vaginal adhesions and pain or post birth recovery), Pregnancy Massage, or Arvigo Follow up are also available. 
Cost: $100 / 1hour. 

For more information see:
http://www.BodyCarePlace.com/, http://