• Kokiri Centre (map)
  • Riria Kereopa Memorial Drive
  • Raglan, Waikato, 3297
  • New Zealand

If You're An Adventurous Person Wanting To Move Your Body In Ways It Has Never Moved Before, Then Join Tom Wilson & Nik Chung For a Weekend Exploration of Movement and Potential at Unleash!

Moving has shaped and changed our lives in so many ways and we want to share what we know with you!

So if you are a person who loves (or would love):
- Learning new (surprising) ways of being and doing things
- Creating a sense of delicious flow within your body
- Gently and gracefully challenging yourself to move through your boundaries
- Sharing sacred space with other beautiful humans
- Breaking free of the same old, same old
- Feeling spontaneous, expressive and alive!

Then join us at Unleash! A Movement Camp.