Dance yourself free!! Do you like to challenge your mind and body? Do you love to learn new ways to move? Do you want to experience an uplifting, energising and joyful class of music and movement?

Come and join Nik Chung at this introductory workshop to the Nia dance practice.


What is Nia?

Nia is a simple, choreographed dance-fitness form that encourages Joy in the body, mind, spirit and emotions.


What this workshop includes:

  • An introduction to the Body's Way - a Nia principle that allows you to practice safely.
  • An introduction to sensory communication - to allow you to tweak the practice to suit you
  • An introduction on how to apply the guiding principles of Nia to create a life of happiness, freedom and clarity.
  • A 55-minute Nia class that will leave you vibrant, energised and with smiles on your dials!

*No previous experience in Nia or dance is necessary.

*All fitness levels are catered for.

*Every body is welcome!


$30 per person. Spaces are limited to 15 people.



Nik is a self-confessed movement geek! Her passion is using movement as a healing and transformational tool for life.

Her playful approach and enthusiasm towards movement is infectious. She believes that if you have fun first, you are already halfway there!

Dance as a form of expression has been part of her since a young age, growing up performing traditional Kiribati dance.

Her love of dance continued through her adult years, but having limited training and no professional dance background, meant that her options were limited.

Until she found Nia. Nia is a choreographed dance-fitness form that is fun AND simple and most importantly encourages movement to heal in the whole person.

Nik is a White Belt Nia teacher who has danced Nia for over 6 years. She has a Bachelor of Physical Education in exercise prescription and management, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is a former Feldenkrais trainee and Avatar Master.

She continues to channel her love of embodied transformation through her other roles as a Freedom & Potentiality Coach, holistic Bodyworker and through interactive online courses.

She has set up communities of dancers in the Waikato, New Zealand and has held movement and mindfulness retreats and workshops, worldwide.

Nik is delighted to guide you on this journey of fun and joyful movement.