About Nik Chung - Your Coach and Mentor

Nik Chung is passionate about creating positive change in the world and considers this her life's purpose and mission. 

She has always cared for people and the planet, and has worked professionally in the mainstream health, holistic health, sports and sustainable transport sectors and over the past ten years she has dedicated herself as a coach and mentor in personal and professional development.

She believes it is important for everyone to live joyful, peaceful and deeply satisfying lives. She is passionate about working with leaders who desire the same for themselves and their people. 

Nik combines practical and strategic steps, with personal and spiritual development to help leaders to step up and truly take the lead in creating positive, empowering spaces for themselves, their team and the people they influence.

If you want to find Nik "in the wild" head to the beach or into nature and you may catch her surfing, hiking, exploring and adventuring in wild spaces.

Amazon Best-Selling Author and Top Contender for Trying To Be a Good Human-Being.

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