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Impactful Goal Setting For Conscious Leaders


Aloha All,

Welcome to the shiny new year! As we start back into our work, we usually start with vigour and life and a spring in our step! Along with that come the resolutions and goals for the year to come. The new year always heralds new hope and untapped desires that are wanting to come through.

So - What are your goals and resolutions or intentions for this coming year AS A CONSCIOUS LEADER?

I keep saying this but, I'll say it again:

As leaders you have an incredible amount of influence on the lives of the people you lead.

So don't waste it.

Are Your Goals Impactful? Two Things to Check.

As a Conscious Leader (aka a leader who wants to create a positive impact, not just get the job done) check your goals and ask yourself:

  • Do my goals include my people/team?

Check yourself. Remember that your success as a leader is BECAUSE of your people. You would not be a leader without your people. So take care of that very important aspect of your leadership!

Your success as a leader is BECAUSE of your people

2. If my goals were to be achieved, would they create the positive impact that I wish to impart on my team?

If my goals were to be achieved, would they create (a) positive impact?

Aim For Three Goals That Make The Biggest Impact

One of the mistakes I see leaders make with goal setting, is by having too many, and having too many which are meaningless. It sets them up for overwhelm and at the end of the year, that feeling of not having achieved much at all.

Goal setting get's to be simple, and to do this, figure out just THREE goals for the entire year.

Choose the TOP THREE goals that will have the biggest impact

How I do this is to:

  • Write down ALL the things - every goal I have, professionally and personally.
  • Choose the TOP THREE that will have the biggest impact for myself and others when I achieve them.
  • Turn these three goals into SMART goals (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound) and create actionable steps that allow those top three goals to be actualised.

That's it - three goals for the year.

The three goals with the biggest impact.

As you write your actionable steps for achieving this, you're going to find that there will be others involved in the realisation of your goals. You are not an island. You never, ever do things alone (even if you believe you do).

So, as you review your professional goals, look at how those goals can be more easily achieved by empowering your people. Remember - they are the key to your success and YOU are the key to their success. You are a team.

{Your} goals can be more easily achieved by empowering your people

So, have your actionable steps included the empowerment and development of your team? If not, they probably need to!

So what ARE your goals as a Conscious Leader this year? What kind of impact do you want to have on your team in 2024?

Share with us your top three goals in the comments below - I'd love to know!


Nik Chung

PS. If you'd love some help with the "how-to's" of empowering your team, send me a DM and let's discuss what exactly you need for your team, to achieve your goals this year.


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