Welcome to this Short Course on Preventing Stress and Burnout!

Please make sure you have a journal and pen for notes.

I would advise spending 30-40minutes a day per lesson - about 8-12 minutes to listen to the audio lesson and the rest of the time to journal on the reflective questions provided.

These questions help you to understand where you are currently at and how to take action to reduce your stress.

They will also help to formulate your personalised ANTI-STRESS AND BURNOUT plan!

So let's dive into this lesson!

Nik Chung


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0:01 Welcome to this short course preventing stress and burnout as a leader hello to all of you conscious leaders out there this one is for you if you are feeling stressed or you're on the verge of burnout

0:12 now we want to prevent that from happening because as you know if you are burnt out if you are stressed it is not only detrimental to you but it's also detrimental to all of the people that you are

0:24 leading your clients your team and everyone else who is around you and your business or in your workplace right so we want to move beyond just these ideas of self-care as being the one way to prevent

0:38 stress and burnout is so much more than that and in this short course we're going to go through four ideas for concepts that you can start to bring into your workplace that will help you to prevent

0:50 stress and burnout and if you're already in that place that these practices are going to help alleviate these symptoms or stress and burnout Ah, I can already feel it. you relaxing just this idea of

1:02 not having to be stressed or burnt out anymore, isn't it great? So before we dive in, there are a few things that you need to have on you, make sure you have a journal or pen or some kind of way

1:13 of recording your thoughts and ideas. As we go through each of these concepts, I will give you some ideas for reflection. And it is really important that you also interact with the group that is

1:24 available or the comments that are available in this course So what you can do is journal privately about these things and then drop your big ideas into the comments of this course. This allows us

1:37 not only to articulate what it is that we're feeling in terms of being a leader, but also gets you to see that other people are in the same position. So you're not alone. You're not the only one.

1:48 You're not the only leader who's feeling stressed and burnt out. There are others of you here too. And that is a really comforting thing is also an integral part of the last idea of this short

2:02 course, which is the idea of letting go. So as we share our burdens, as we share some of the things that we are going through, it allows us to do this, to let go. So are you ready? Let's dive

2:14 in. It is time for you to alleviate that stress and burnout, to prevent it in the future. And I'm excited for the journey that we have ahead with each other. All right, catch you soon in the next

2:27 part.

Lesson Activity

Pop your answers in the quiz questions below! Any questions, you can ask me by commenting too!

Below is your workbook which you can also download from the "DOWNLOAD" section.


Nik Chung


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