Impactful Goal Setting For Conscious Leaders

Your goals can be more easily achieved by empowering your people. In this blog, we explore what impactful goals are and how to create them so you not only achieve your personal goals, but empower the people around you too.

Are You A Leader Or A Manager?

As a leader you have a unique opportunity to be a highly influential (positive) person in the lives of your clients, team, workplace and other relations. But are you simply managing instead of leading?

Become a Powerful Leader By Using Your Values!

Want to positively influence your people? Values-Led Leadership is part of the equation! Move from "just one of the crowd" to leading in your unique way and become an inspiration to those around you.

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders of Influence

Our job as a Conscious Leader is to create an emotionally stable environment, where all is welcomed AND importantly, all emotions are managed in a respectful and compassionate manner...

What Imposter Syndrome Really Is (And How To Overcome It)

Your purpose, is part of your human struggle. It is the human experience that you have been placed on this earth to master. Imposter Syndrome occurs when you deny the flawed nature of your human experience.


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